AVP Nepal's journey towards self-reliance

One of our newest programmes continues to grow and develop

After a pause of about a year and half AVP Nepal has rejuvenated its journey towards self-reliance. The pause provided valuable time for nurturing ideas and reinvigorated the possibilities within us. The challenge of continuity is faced through our willingness, existing strength and networking.

During this new course of work, AVP Nepal has

  • created a Nepali language AVP Basic Manual
  • completed eight AVP basic workshops in the past two months
  • set up an AVP Nepal Fund to fundraise for future work

Nepali AVP Mandala

AVP Nepal is having a row of workshops in coming weeks with various groups who mostly are the result of connection established during these last few workshops. Standing in this base, we are developing a detail set of plan with the aim of creating additional group of facilitators in Nepal so that we become able to walk the journey of self-reliance and address the increasing demand

participants after one of the basic workshops

" Here, I liked facilitation style the most. Everything I leant in the workshop changed me the most. I feel it would be very easy to apply these learning in my real life because every learning here was based on my own experience as well as of other friends "

Sharmila Rai, Ilam

" Simple but useful knowledge were presented in interesting manner here. Transforming Power has given me the confidence that I am now able to solve violence and conflict in nonviolent way. I used to be very angry and negative all the time. Since last 2 and half days in this workshop I have been positive to myself and other all the time "

Rama Hitanga, PalpaI

" What I have learnt here helps a lot to my personal, family, and social life. This has been the most practical learning directly useful to the real life. Since the learning process was based on daily experiences and its sharing, the skills learnt here are of no waste "

Laxmi Saud, Kanchanpur

" This workshop left a huge impact on me to develop my leadership, positive attitude, nonviolent skills, and keys for solving many problems. I feel good that I am able to change myself and will keep using AVP learning to achieve my goal in life of being a role model for my society and help them come out of violence. I am keen to share with family and friends what I have learnt here. I am sure; it will help them too...

Most importantly, here, I never felt that I come from an so-called untouchable caste "

Juna Koirala, Tanahu